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SMF Bridge for Joomla! Discontinued

Started by Amacythe, July 24, 2007, 11:42:31 PM

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As some of you might know, there have recently been some changes on part of the Joomla! project in how they interpret the license their software is under. Namely, while the project remains under the exact same license (the GPL), they are now interpreting this license in its strictest sense. In addition, the project has announced that this change in interpretation is retroactive and applies to all previous versions of their software.

As a result of this change of direction, only GPL-licensed software can legally be distributed and used inside the Joomla! software. While we regret and are saddened by this development, we respect Joomla!'s position on their software license. As neither SMF nor the SMF bridge for Joomla! are licensed under GPL or a compatible license, we have had to cease distribution of our bridge. Please note that running the software as separate standalone pieces is perfectly fine, the issue is in the integration/bridge.

Due to this license issue, it is not legal for us to distribute our bridge. In addition, all versions of the bridge from 3.19 for the SMF 1.0 series to the latest 1.1.7 release for the SMF 1.1 series are under the SMF license, which forbids all redistribution. Just as we respect the license Joomla! is under, we ask that you respect our license and not distribute the bridge.

We will continue to support all existing installs of our bridge until such time as either changes in Joomla! or SMF render the bridge unusable (upgrades to Joomla! 1.0.13 and beyond and/or SMF 2.0). We will also not support any issues caused by third-party bridges.

For those users who wish to continue their use of SMF fully integrated into a CMS, we recommend investigating the other options you have available to you. Our work on bridges for Mambo and other CMS programs will continue.

More details and the entire email interaction between one of our Team Members and an FSF representative in his blog


As stated earlier we were in communication with the Joomla! team in regards to building a bridge that was compatible with their license.  The exchange is now over and, sadly, we have decided that the cost of building such a bridge is too great.  We understand that this comes as a great disappointment to you.

I would like to thank you all for your understanding in this issue.  You all have been a beacon of understanding and respect.

We would like to thank Joomla! for their cooperation in this manner and wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors.

Please note that we will continue to provide support in the Joomla Bridge Support.