Anybody able to integrate SMF with Joomla

Started by saurabh1938, September 21, 2014, 08:31:06 AM

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Anybody able to integrate Joomla and SMF, if yes please let us know few tips and also showcase your site please
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Jfusion works. Not perfect, but best what we've found so far.

- Login Joomla = autologin SMF
- Joomla blocks such as new topics, messages with avatars
- Dual registeration. Reg to SMF and get account to Joomla in same time

Something like this with Joomla 3.3.x and SMF 2.0.8

Someone should help us to make this kind modification:
When someone login SMF, it's actually input your login details to Joomla and redirect back to forum index. Everything seems that you will stay in forum all time.


I'm just being nosey... I have a Joomla site, and I'm in the process of switching the entire site over to SMF with simpleportal (mostly because, for me, SMF/simpleportal is just easier to manipulate, and can do everyhting I was doing on Joomla).

I'm curious why anyone would want BOTH Joomla and SMF at the same time. What features are you gaining that you can't emulate with either/or? I would guess the forum with SMF, of course, but then, what does Joomla do that you can't duplicate in SMF with simpleportal? Just curious.



back before SMF has all the portals and additional mods, Joomla was a very good primary system to run the main site, with the forum sitting as a component.

Now-a-days, as you say, most of it can be done directly in SMF -- which, even aside form the license issues -- is why the joomla bridge was never really rebuilt.

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What I wanted to do with Joomla, I did with simpleportal, you can check out my site
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