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WOW dancing avatars

Started by tz8, July 31, 2007, 04:50:03 AM

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Link to Mod

dancing avatars from all races (pre Burning Crusade) of World of Warcraft
these are the avatars (version 1.0)

the following avatars got added with version 1.1:


any chance of a screenshot or example.


updated the previews for 1.1


These are great, can't wait until you can get 1.1 uploaded!


SMF 2.0
TP 1.0 RC1.1
Wordpress 3.1.3


OMG we so need this mod. Its so hilarious.


i'd really like to make them available, but the SMF dev team ignored my PM :(

but you can download the mod here: [nofollow]


flagged it as appropriate for 1.1.4, still can't upload the file though, the download link above still works...


SMF team still ignoring my PMs - the package from the link above still works

the support team is a shame for the project...


We didn't ignore it, Just got lost..

I will see if I can't get it to work, and contact you.
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yay, finally the upload works - but now the package is split up... you need to download all 4 packages to get all of the above avatars.

have fun! ;)


the downloads are all broken. Archives cant be used atm. can you repair them ?


These files won't open.. show as corrupt.   Can someone please check them out or re-upload them?  Thanks.


Absolutely love it!!

Had to do my part for any other WoW lovers out there. I just saved them all individually to a new folder and uploaded them into the /smf/avatars/ folder. Here's a .rar file so if you don't have Winrar (or this doesn't work) just download them individually like I did. [nonactive]

Thanks a lot for these.


To bad the downloads have broken files :'( , but gladly the avatars are here in forum. 8)
You can rightclick them and save as ****.gif with the original name to use them  ;D


Hey Guys I Have A fixed Download All you have to do is download these unzip them and put the folder in the avatars folder in your forum files =]

download here DOWNLOAD NOW! [nofollow]


Love these, just uploaded using SMF 1.1.6, as long as you change avatar size which on my forum i allow up-to 120 x 120 pixel, they work a treat.

I also have the avatar relfect mod and it looks cool with the reflect mod.

Thanks ever so much!  :D



Aun tengo mucho por aprender...



all 4 avatar packs are corrupted zip files...
*if it works, dont fix it*