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how about a Mambo-related sub-board?

Started by marcnyc, November 02, 2004, 10:15:11 AM

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This is a suggestion for SMF's admins... There seem to be always more threads about mambo... Since this seems to be the major (if not only) solution for portal integration with SMF, how about a sub-board in the portal development board dedicated to all mambo-related threads? Just my opinion (and somebody else's too...)


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I second that,  see an older message from me:
Quote from: Abedie on October 26, 2004, 09:41:53 AM

I see 7 topics about Mambo what makes it hard to folow for people, for sure for me.
I like to sugest to create a childforum for Mambo in 'Portal Development' and within that forum make the leading topic about installing/using the integration sticky.

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My problem is that this is perhaps the slowest board on the entire forum, and we're talking about creating a child board to split it up even more?

It doesn't seem to need it yet, imho.  It's like creating separate child boards for "karma", "polls", "attachments", etc. under support...



doesn't have to be, it was just an idea... it's just that there are so many threads about mambo, you know? anyway, no big deal...