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[theme] Juno (SMF v1.0.5 - 1.1RC2)

Started by bloc, October 27, 2004, 08:31:31 PM

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Hmm did I post in the wrong thread or something?  I see my post is gone.

I was wondering if you were going to make chat and link buttons?  I really like this theme and would like those buttons.

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I would like some help with the menu bar for Juno.

We want to replace it. It is turning out to be much more complicated than I expected it to be, and I could use some help pointing me in the right direction.

Must warn you I am still trying to figure out how to read the code, but I did manage first to add a new, matching button for the theme. But now our designer wants to change the look of the bar.

As it happens, I found the image files for this bar in two locations -- a few in images/images and most of the ones with links in images/english/images (All these in the theme's folder. We have the TP version but this should not make a difference. I think.) My plan was to rename the images we wanted to replace and, insert the new with the old names (Renaming the old one ,say, logouot2 and the new one logout).

We made new "segments" for the menu bar. I uploaded them (I get stuck with all the fun stuff! lol)  and in the images/english/images file was this "spacer" I opened it and there was nothing visible in the file. I took a peek at my site, with the new buttons installed, and there were parts of the old bar visible between our new "segments" . Not quite the look we wanted. How does the spacer work? What do we need to replace it with?

In addition, I accidentally deleted the admin segment (oopsie!) and got the expected red X, yet the bar put a blank segment in place of the missing one. The red X appears below the bar in my browser, and the link is there.

Is there someone out there willing and able to explain how this bar works so I can fix it?
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