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Started by hchute, December 05, 2008, 03:58:24 PM

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Will you be updating this for SMF2.0RC2?


Yes - will have that out shortly and will post here when it's ready for download! - Harvey
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The mod is now updated for compatibility with SMF 1.1.11 and with RC2. - Harvey
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Does anyone know whether it works or can be modified to work with the site?

New to affiliates - I've registered at but would this still work with my user-id if  the adds are pointing at the .com site?

Thanks peeps


Nice Mod

Please update it for SMF 2.0RC3  ;)

I worked with:
SMF 2 in German

SID Giessen


could you please update it to work with SMF 2.0 RC3
and modify it this way,
that the admin can setup keywords and affiliate links to
Amazon products and every time a user is typing in his posting
the text of the keyword, there will be automatically a link
inserted with the affiliate code to this product from the admin ?

This would be a great way, so that the admin
can first maybe put 100 keywords and affiliate links
to Amazon products in the admin area and
when a user posts text with one of these keywords,
automatically the AMazon affiliate link will be inserted.

That would be really great !

This way it will be an automatic cash machine.

For example if the forum is about the topic "coffee"
and a user is posting something about "espresso"
and this was one of the keyword defined in the
admin panel,
then Mod could modify this word to a link to
an Espresso machine sold on Amazon with the
affiliate link of the admin.

Such plugins are already available for Wordpress and
I wonder, if one could just modify them for use with SMF.

Please let me know, if you can do something like this.

Then this Mod could also be used not just for Amazon,
but for any other affiliate program to automatically
insert links to the products without any more work.

That would be really great !

Many thanks in advance.

Regards, Stefan.


RC3 , it works for me. :-)  And I have 34 other mods installed.....

This is voor , I have also .ca-uk-fr-de, would be nice if clicking on link would open 5 amazon windows at same time! (although users won't like it that much.)


So what about my suggestions 2 posts above ?

Does nobody want to make real money from Amazon ?

Normal users probably won´t use this Amazon search button,
so there must be an automatic solution to
tag keywords with Amazon affiliate product links...

Maybe someone can write a PHP scripts that searches
through all the postings and modifies keywords into
Amzon and/or Ebay Affiliate links ?

Does anybody know if such a tool already exists ?
I would also pay for it.

Many thanks.

Regards, Stefan.


The mod download page has been updated to indicate that the mod is compatible with current 1.1.* and 2.* releases of SMF. Existing users of the mod should not have to change anything.
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Great mod.  The only issue I'm having is that the highlighted keywords don't show up as a link in the post.  They just look like regular text so nobody can see to click on them.  Any thoughts as to the problem?


I just installed this mod using SMF 2.0.2

Has anyone had a problems with it with this version?

Thanks for the mod



Moved to the BBC category of mods.


Everytime I link a Product with your mod, the user is getting referred to
How can I change this, that the user is getting on

Is there any way? Thank you in advance! :)