[Deprecated, use Aeva] YouTube BBCode v2.6

Started by Nao 尚, September 27, 2007, 05:51:05 PM

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Ok everyone, I've have now uploaded v1.3 [mod]

It contains many improvements

1.3 - 16th October 2007
o Added Spanish/Spanish-utf8 Support (Thanks to EgAr)
o Added Spanish_es/Spanish_es-utf8 Support (Thanks to EgAr)
o Added Brazilian/Brazilian-utf8 Support (Thanks to Softcore)
o Added Portuguese/Portuguese-utf8 Support (Thanks to Softcore)
o Added support for embed player url
o Improved security of mod by denying script access (allowScriptAccess="never")
o Removes excess whitespace/carriage returns
o Fixed bug where youtube bbcode was disabled it produced an invalid partial url
o Added support for when YouTube & url bbcode tags are disabled to showing 'friendly alternative'
o Disables Youtube for 'printer friendly' pages, showing a 'friendly alternative' instead.

If you currently use the old YouTube mods by Yakuza, Marlon, Gantman or Daniel Marquard, you are recommended to uninstall those and install this mod instead because those older mods have a 'potential' xss vulnerabilty as they don't validate/parse the data.
No versions of my YouTube mod are vulnerable, however v1.3 contains many minor fixes and improvements, so it is worth uninstalling an old version and installing v1.3


Ok I have installed this mod the install was ok but when I use the tages nothing shows up blank ?

I added the code as I am using the ApolloBB theme I get no icon for the youtube tags ?


Does it work on the default theme? or is it just when you use the apollo theme?


Quote from: karlbenson on October 17, 2007, 10:51:50 AM
Does it work on the default theme? or is it just when you use the apollo theme?

Yep works on the Defult theme everything is in place.


Have you performed the manual edit for each theme?

Have you copied youtube.gif into EACH themes images/bbc/ folder


Nice Mod. But if I want to use liveleak and other flash movie sites, how difficult is it to expand on this to include them as well?

For swedish and swedish-utf8

$txt['youtube'] = 'YouTube';
$txt['youtube_invalid'] = '#Ogiltig YouTube länk#';


Thanks for the language strings.

This mod is just youtube.

I do have another mod which supports some other flash movie sites.
But without the need for bbcode, it automatically converts posted links to embedded videos.
At the moment it does not support LiveLeak.  However you catch me in the middle (right at this very moment) of updating the mod to include a dozen or more video clip sites. (including Live Leak)



Hi I have a question.  I think I have one of the youtube MODS that need to be removed in place of this one.  I get these errors when trying to unistall.... any ideas on what i should do?  Thanks

Uninstall Actions "YouTube BBC Tag (XHTML Compliant)":
Installing this package will perform the following actions:  Type Action Description
1. Execute Modification ./Sources/Subs.php Test failed
2. Execute Modification ./Themes/default/Post.template.php Test failed
3. Execute Modification ./Themes/default/languages/Modifications.english.php Test successful
4. Delete File ./Themes/default/images/bbc/youtube.gif

i am running the latest default theme


Unfortunately you will need to manually remove that mod.

If you don't feel comfortable with doing that yourself you could always post a free or paid request in the help wanted section for someone to do it for you.



For v1.3, what files need to be writable, for it to install.


i get this when i try to install it:


and the folder Themes/default/images/bbc/

@ nick09
That is an issue your your smf install or your server, and not related to this mod.

your chmod permissions those files altered by this mod are not set to 777
or your server is running php in safe mode.

I would recommend you check your chmod permissions of the files at the top of this post and that the Packages folder is also set to 777 and make sure your php is not running in php safe mode.

If you still cannot resolve the issue please create a topic in the General Supports forum rather than this topic as it is not mod-specific but a general issue with your smf installation/server.


I have now uploaded v1.4

1.4 - 29th October 2007
o Consolidated 2.0 beta 1 and 1.1.x versions into single mod
o Added Swedish/Swedish-utf8 Support (Thanks to Hobox)
o Added Turkish/Turkish-utf8 Support (Thanks to Cakal93)
o Added support for more YouTube localised versions
- Australia, Hong Kong, Mexico, New Zealand


I'm not too smart with coding and stuff like that but our forums use Dilber MC theme.  We're not able to upload the youtube bbc because of window's file permissions.  Tried chmoding, changing permissions in admin, etc.  So the only way possible is manual edit but I'm not sure where I edit.  There's no post.php and that's where I need help, thanks.


First, fully install the mod manually or automatically onto the default theme.

Once you've done that you can think about installing it onto other themes.
if your Dilber MC theme doesnt have its own Post.template it will use the one from the default theme, so you won't need to do an edit.
All you would have to do then is drop a copy of the youtube.gif into the following folder in EVERY theme.


Thanks.  Just one more question, how would I install it manually?



This mod is wicked cool.  I love how it will take virtually anything you throw between the tags and it can pull the video id out.  Very nicely done, and I'm sure my users will thank you for the ease of use.

I have one issue, however.  While the mod appears to work fine, I end up with a text string at the top of every page.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled with the same issue.  I'm not sure if one of my other mods is causing some code to be misplaced or what.  I'm kind of a newb, so help is appreciated.

Upon install, the following line is at the very top of every page:
$txt['youtube'] = 'YouTube'; $txt['youtube_invalid'] = '#Invalid YouTube Link#';

My setup:
Forum version: SMF 1.1.4
Theme: DilberMC
Mods: SMF Arcade v2.0.11
         Dilber MC v1.1
         YouTube BBCode v1.4
         Fix Message Empty Error For Embed Video Mods v1.0
         SMF Shoutbox v1.16b