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SMF MoTM (Meeting of The Minds)

Started by Joshua Dickerson, September 30, 2007, 08:04:46 PM

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Joshua Dickerson

If you haven't already read the announcement, do so. Then, I want to say that we are all very excited to meet each other. Each person is expected to give $200 to offset the cost of flights, hotels, and other things. Unfortunately, not all of us have enough right now for that. Thus, there is a fund which was created to help all of us that can (conflicts with work and family not included) attend this.

While there, we hope to get to know each other better and discuss the future of SMF. Hopefully, with your support, we can make this happen. Every penny helps. Thanks to all for your support.

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I made a Small donation :).
I know it wasn't too much but I hope it helps


Justin O'Leary
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