deleted some files by mistake !!!!

Started by keyboard, October 04, 2007, 07:15:55 PM

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At my host location, i deleted some files by mistake and now my site is down...Please look at attached jpg. This is all I have left....

It was suggested to me:

I do see a way to get the site back online while we are waiting since the database is still intact. Get a copy of SMF version 1.1.2 at;f... , unzip it and upload only the files that go in the public_html folder (not any of the subfolders), then edit the Settings.php file to use your current database, creat95_createsongstyles. If you do not remember the password to go with the db user, you can create a new user and pass then add them to the database and settings file.

I downloaded the file but when I unzipped it, there was only 3 folders.  Babylon, classic, and default. I am now confused as to following the instructions..

Is this the way to fix it?  What other options do I have.



How did you delete them? Via cpanel or FTP?  I know my host has a 'trash' bin when I delete from cpanel, that you might be able to recover from.  Also most host perform regular backups, you can ask your host to recover from a backup if you've got a lot of customized SMF files.

You could try the 'LARGE' upgrade option for 1.1.4.  Were there DB changes from 1.1.2 -> 1.1.4?

I'd contact my host first and see if they recover from a backup first, or if you can't wait try uploading over you current files.
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Thanks Rumbaar for the reply

I deleted them by FTP...I was running far as I know, I did not touch the db..

I have put in a ticket at LunarPages to do the restored backup but it has taken them a week so far and it has not been done. I was told that I am at the top of the list...But.....

If Lunarpages cannot restore the backup for what ever reason, I plan to do the Large upgrade...


Well I read that there was no DB changes between 1.1.3 and 1.1.4, so that's good.

I can't tell what you've deleted, but it seems you've 'only' deleted all your files from your root folder?  Either way you'll need to download the Full Install 1.1.4 package.  Then unzip all the contents to a local folder.   As you've got the DB all setup you'll need to modify your settings.php file to reflect your account details (getting the db account password might be an issue if you don't know it, and might have to reset it via your cpanel).  Once you've got that set just FTP all those files to your host root folder and/or any files you've deleted.   Hopefully it was just your root files, as many source/theme folders will most likely have modifications that will require re-installation.

Don't copy up the sql files or install files.  There might be others that aren't needed, but I don't have those files to check.

Oh and final tip, ALWAYS KEEP A BACKUP!!
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Thank you Rumbaar

Out of courtesy, I will upload my results to this thread when ever it happens..

many thanks


Best of luck.

Can you confirm that only your base root files were deleted, or were there any other folders and/or content of sub-folders?  Because if it's only the root files it like only about 6 core files that are required to get your site working again.
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Do I have to install these 6 core files or can I just upload them?

I think that it is only the bass root files that I deleted


Well if they are the only files that you deleted you can try.  Just upload them:

index.php, settings.php, SSI.php, ssi_examples.php, ssi_examples.shtml.

It's important that you configure your settings.php file before upload.

Make sure these settings are correct for your forum:
$db_name = 'smf';
$db_user = 'root';
$db_passwd = '';
$db_prefix = 'smf_';

With those settings it should allow you to access your forum again and go back and check your server settings via the AdminCP.
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I see you are hosting paid themes there!


Hi keyboard,

I'm going through old support threads. Did you manage to get this problem resolved?
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