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username Prefixes

Started by $hawn, May 20, 2007, 08:03:56 AM

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is their a way to get a username to look like this on the online list,posts,etc using membergroup username prefixes?

can you somehow?




Please do nut bump topics within 24 hours of posting it, it is considered rude and will cause many to be wary of trying to help you as it shows impatience.   Also for those of us who know what 'ffs' stands for, insulting is not the way to get help.

There is no current or default way to do this at this point in time, though someone has requested a similar functionality already.  Actually i think it has been requested a couple of times (i can't immediately find the other topics but i have seen a couple around) but its not, to my knowledge been made into a mod *yet*

You may try bumping that mod request.  I can't guarantee anyone will take interest, but it couldn't hurt :P

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It's been awhile, is there now a way?


Damn you were an impatient one weren't you .....
Answered over here.
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