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Social Networking...

Started by brianjw, December 31, 2007, 11:57:12 AM

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I am not sure if this is the correct place to post this...

I am redoing my website but keeping all the posts, members, and other database settings...

Which mods do you recommend to use to make a Social Networking kind of website (like Myspace or other things)?

- Ultimate Profile Mod (security risks)



I'm just throwing this out, but perhaps you could wait till 2.0 as one of the new core features is the ability to create custom profile fields to extend the profiles.


Well, I am trying to get my website up like that in the next few days and I know there are mods but need to know some good ones to use for Social networking... kind of system.



You could still use the custom profile field mod for 1.1.4 Also the bookmark mod is nice and maybe the Google membermap. :)


I already have the profile field mod and the Google Member map mod (because i made it).

I will go ahead and install Bookmark on the day of my sites upgrade...

I also want to install the Blog Mod and Profile Mod that's at your site bigguy but it's still in ViP section


The profile mod is going to be redone by TrueSatan and myself. The blog mod I still have to get an update on so I am not sure when it will be out.


Do you have an idea when these things will be done?


The profile mod work will begin shortly and as for the other no no time line as of yet.


Ok Cool.

Any other mods you guys would recommend?