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What is phpMyAdmin?

Started by [Unknown], December 20, 2004, 04:01:22 PM

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phpMyAdmin is a very popular utility used to administrate MySQL databases.  More information about it can, of course, be found at its website.

If we've asked you to use this utility, it's because some change needs to be made for which there is no checkbox or button in SMF to make.  Generally, these will be specialized things or fixes for the more obscure problems, but even so it's good to know how to use phpMyAdmin.

In many cases, we may simply give you a query to execute - these typically have SHOW, EXPLAIN, SELECT, UPDATE, DELETE, or some similar uppercase word in the beginning, and end with a semicolon.  To run these, select your database after entering phpMyAdmin, and select the "SQL" tab.  You should see a large box to paste the query into on the page that comes up.

Please note that sometimes the query we give you will have smf_ as a prefix in it - like "smf_topics".  If you use a prefix other than "smf_", you may need to change these to your prefix - for example, "forum_topics" or "yabbse_topics".

Most hosting services offer phpMyAdmin already.  For example, cPanel servers have a link to it on the MySQL page near the bottom.  If you don't know how to get to this tool, you may wish to ask your host about it.  If, for some very strange reason, your host does not have phpMyAdmin installed, you can install it yourself.  For that, we'll leave you to the documentation (found on its website).... but this is not a common occurance.