Recurring Events in Calendar

Started by gentleman, December 26, 2004, 01:07:26 PM

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Please add recurring events in calendar.

- I want an event to happen every week.
- every month
- every 3 months
- every year.


I'd like to second that request.  I would also like to be able to put in specific times and duration for an event. 

SMF is great forum-ware, developing the calendar would really make it shine.



Yes, i would like to have that as well.
(Found this request while searching for that mod ... )

And: SMF Rulez !
Migration from YaBB1G was a little difficult, but the perfect decision !!!


I would also like to be able to post an event without making a forum post.  Some events just don't need much of an explaination (IE College Spring Semester Begins)


MikeMill, 1.1 will have unlinked events.

The calendar is something I'm trying to improve over time - but it's a slow process as there is always higher priority things to get to first :/
I'm only a half geek really...


Thanks Grudge.  I know how it is, too many things to code note enough caffeine to keep you awake long enough to code it all ;)


Quote from: MikeMill on January 08, 2005, 12:13:10 PM
caffeine to keep you awake long enough to code it all ;)

Yuck, caffeine.  I'll take egg nog or Sprite, thank you very much :P.

Recurring events could be nice, but the interface... well, I'm not sure.  And there are other problems.  Ideally, spanned events, recurring events, etc... would all be in the database just once.



Yeah, I'm another who will want both recurring and unlinked events.


Yeah I'll pitch in my voice for at least re-occuring events, hopefuly numbers will convence others.


It's not a case of having the convince us per se, but a case of finding the time on many things. There are loads of features I'd like to have in SMF, but then there are only so many hours in the day - it's a balancing act - especially as every new feature involves a lot of testing etc.
I'm only a half geek really...


Speaking off the calendar one thing I noticed is that the holiday's don't clean themselves up at all.  Is this so you can go back so many years and see all the holidays?

Quote from: [Unknown] on January 09, 2005, 06:51:11 AM
Yuck, caffeine.  I'll take egg nog or Sprite, thank you very much :P.
psycho :)


I'm only a half geek really...


Any plans to change that?  I mean after 2 years its not really relevent any more and not worth the database space (though it does only take up a little bit of room).  It would be interesting (though a pain in the arse) to somehow tell it how to calculate a particular event.  Then you wouldn't have to put say Easter's date in for every year.  But of course there are more important things :)


... and if the 24-hour-day does not provide enough time, we take the night as well ...  ;)
(i am into event-technique: same problem with less time than work plus an audience, who is not willing to wait any longer for the show ...  :) )

But there's one item i noticed in the SMF 1.0 Calendar:
The "next birthdays" section in board index shows a birthday from today's date but next month as "actual" (bold).
This means if today's date is 2005-01-09, and there is a birthday on 2005-02-09, that will appear first in the list and bold ...
So i deactivated the "next birthdays" for the moment, it does not happen with "next events", as far as i could find out.

Anyway, me and my community as well want to thank all SMF coders for a grrrreat piece of work !


The setting is not meant to be above 30.  We may, however, fix it so that doesn't work - still, I'm not horribly worried about that problem just right now (because I really don't consider a birthday over a month away to be "upcoming".)



Another thing I'd like to see is being able to set different lengths of time for the upcoming value for the different types of events.  A week is enough for birthdays but not enought of events.  A month may be enough for an event but way too much for a birthday.  Again just something I'd like to see eventually :)


How about being able to add new holidays? Though this will come with recurring and unlinked events I guess :)


Another vote for recurring events. I'd like to mark events that take place for example "the first thursday every month".


--can't wait till the day we can stop manually entering recurring events again and again.

Ed Teune

Since haven't posted in a while, great job on SMF, been using YaBBSe for a couple years, finally upgraded old site and installed SMF on new customer's site.

I actually like tying calendar events to a message explaining the event in the message board. But what I would really like to do is tie recurring events to the same message.
You know, wednesday yoga class for the next three months with a message you can drill down to but don't have to recreate a dozen times.

Now that would be cool.