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SMF 1.0 Final

Started by [Unknown], December 29, 2004, 08:25:19 PM

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Congrats! I am going to continue to suggest SMF to all of my clients as I have done before...I am also going to push it more since a "Final" iS out.


I'm really excited about being a part of the whole process. Thanks and keep up the great work.


Awesome guys, keep it up!


Congrats on the completion of this SMF 1.0.
Happy New Year Folks 8)


happy new years back [nonactive] my new website foxy Ladys wish all of you a nice new years [nonactive]


Congrats guys! :D
Its been a really long wait, and I'm really happy that SMF is *finally* @ 1.0 final (it was perfect as it was on RC2, but you guys just cant stop making it better :P)
Happy new year!


 :) Excellent job. Upgrade went fast and flawless!!!!!!!

Thanx dev team and testers. Great job by all  8)


Happy as always, great job guys and gals :)



You do not know how happy I am for this moment to happen, not that something was wrong with the previous versions, but... but I am SOOOOOOO happy to be the 158th person to download this piece of art at is final stage.



Congrats to the SMF team on the fine package they have put together.



I am impressed, the update went in the first time with no problems at all, everything works properly and it did not mess up anything. Greate stuff, where is the thumbs UP smilie, new version deserves it.

hutch at movsd dot com

PS: Such a change from the PHPBB2 stuff I used to use, you were endlessly afraid of it falling over if you did any of the mods.

hutch at movsd dot com


Separate, many thanks, from all Russian guys! ;)


All but some theme problems updage worked nice.


great, get it and update... :)

Omar Bazavilvazo

Amazing job the one all devs, writers, admins, testers, charter members, translator, coordinators, and of course, we support people did :)

Feels great to be part of staff in a product one loves, and believes on it.

Finally.. after a long time.. SMF .. released.. *sigh*

heh :)

I love the new installer :)

ja ne!

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one question

can i use my same templates from my beta 5 (like display, boardindex, profile mainly) on final 1.0 or would i have to re-edit the new final 1.0 templates? Where Aspiring Musicians Can Be HEARD!


This looks great! I would have installed this immediatly but my host is down!  >:(

They've been down all day without notice. I can't get to their site or anything! They are really pushing my limits!


The Beastlords' Den is upgraded and it worked fine. Thanks for the slightly late christmas gift :P


Just finished 3 forum upgrades :)

Good Job, and Thank you to all involved.


HUZZAH!  David, now you have the joy of upgrading all BN forums with SMF 1.0 Final.  Great stuff.  Huzzah again.
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