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READ ME: Posting a bug?

Started by [Unknown], October 19, 2003, 03:15:55 PM

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First, thank you for taking the time to help better SMF - we couldn't do it without the support and comments you give us.

But before you post a bug, please make sure it is a bug.  This means that it isn't working properly - not that it doesn't do your homework or cook fried rice.  Things of the latter nature belong in other boards (such as Feature Requests and General Discussion and Feedback) but not in this one.

Next, make sure it hasn't already been reported.  This can usually be done by a quick search or a glance at a couple topics in this board.

If you find the bug, try not to post saying "me too."  This doesn't really help anyone, and only gets on people's nerves - it's just nagging us, and won't get the bug fixed any sooner.

And it's important to provide a way to reproduce the bug.  Without this, we may misunderstand the report or not be able to find anything wrong - even if it is really a problem.  And remember - solutions are better than problems.  If you want something fixed, giving us a way to do that will make the process quicker and easier for everyone.

Don't forget that exact error messages make things a lot easier on everyone.  If you receive something like an "Undefined index" error, please copy and paste it so we can get a better idea of where it is coming from.

And if we say it's fixed, but you still experience it - remember that fixed means it's fixed in the cvs.  This forum and the distribution packages are not always running the most current version - but if we say it's fixed, we mean in the most recent version... not here.

Last, remember to give us a bit of slack.  We're human too, and sometimes we don't understand or even read properly.  Don't get mad if we say it's not a bug - just try to get it through our thick skulls that it is one (unless it isn't :P.)

Thank you,