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AutoTask in SMF 2.0

Started by MonoTiz, March 22, 2008, 02:39:14 PM

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As SMF 2.0 know when to execute the task?

I saw that the function AutoTask is called inside the file Load.php.

It means that every time a user connects to the forum, are controlled tasks to be execute?


SMF doesn't use CRON to perform scheduled tasks.
It basically does use users to perform them when they call a page.

So there is a check to see if there are tasks to run, and obviously checking against the current time for scheduled tasks.

Most of the functions I believe are in

It shouldn't affect the response times too much.
eg when you send a newsletter in 1.x it can send 500 at a time and overload your mail server
While in 2.x it will send 50 at a time and spread out so you don't exceed mail limits.