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A wee niggly theme error?

Started by Mishibizhii, May 04, 2008, 03:23:08 PM

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Heya. I just switched over to SMF about a week ago, installed version 1.1.4 and then upgraded to 1.1.5 as soon as I noticed it existed. I had been using Ikonboard for several years and was even on their support staff years ago, but I had decided to drop that software once some dorks decided to hack my board and mangle it's database.


I noticed in the default theme that the heading in the upper left of the topic view page had the wrong background on it. Am speaking of the frame in the upper left that is blank, right beside the heading for "Subject" and above where the topic icons and indicators go. I edited the theme to put a   literally in this cell of the table, so it's now showing the proper background there as the catbg3 CSS requires it.
I know it's a small detail, but it's something that bugged me. It was noticable since there was a subtle difference in the background images that the browser was trying to use for that row of cells.

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can you take a screenshot of what you mean? I admit i am having problems finding what you're trying to point out.

Thanks :)
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I think I understood..

In /index.php?board=... view

icoico"topic title"
icoico"topic title"

The * marks the cell with the different background.
The lower edge of this cell is grey, when the others on the same row seem to have a blue edge.

EDIT: Btw, the [table][/table] looks completely different in the preview, than it does now that it's posted. *think*
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Yeah, LexArma understands what I'm getting at. For some reason, the background image comes out wrong in that cell... so I had added a   to make sure there's content in that cell so it ends up using the proper CSS. I didn't look too closely, but there must be some other CSS that's in effect that shows up if there's no content in the actual cells.

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