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READ ME: About this board / Common Questions

Started by [Unknown], October 20, 2003, 06:53:00 PM

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What is the purpose of this board?
This board is for anything SMF related that doesn't fit elsewhere including your opinions on the software. Please note that support requests should be posted in SMF 1.x Support for SMF 1.1 and SMF 2.x Support for SMF 2.0 support. Requests for new features go in Feature Requests, of course.

Where can I download it?
You can download right here:

When will the next version  of SMF be released?
Programmers don't like to give out dates.  Why don't you register, if you haven't yet, so we can send you an email when we release it?

Can you add this feature?
Perhaps - please start a new topic in Feature Requests and we will respond as soon as we can.  And thanks for contributing!

Can I convert from YaBB SE to SMF?
Yes, you can.  A converter has already been written.  And, yes, it's easy to use and quick... it has also been optimized to be used with large and small forums without crashing the server.

What happened to YaBB SE?  If I need help with YaBB SE, do I post my questions here?
No.  YaBB SE is no longer being developed, and because SMF 1.0 has been released it's no longer being supported.  You may find help here, but you'll probably just get people telling you to upgrade to SMF.

Do you have any banners or logos?  I'd like to post one on my own site!
Sure - look at this topic.  It contains a lot of banners, logos, and the like:

Charter Member?  What is that?
A Charter Membership is a way you can support Simple Machines and SMF and get something back.  There are actually three methods - Donation, Advertisement, and a Charter Membership.  A charter membership gives you priority support, access to a help desk, and special boards for fifty dollars a year. (whereas before if you were to donate you would get nothing in return.)

Wait - I have to pay $50?!? I thought this was free!
It is free and open source.  We offer free (unpaid) support as well.  A Charter Membership only gives you more focused support, installation and upgrade services.
It's just our way of thanking those who donate.

Does this forum support different languages?  How about Chinese, Arabic, and other bidirectional ones?
Yes, SMF supports it well, and from the downloads area you can get the appropriate language packs.