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Site Email: Change Main Admin Email

Started by RL Joneson, August 12, 2008, 08:09:34 PM

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RL Joneson

Here's the situation:
There are two admins on my forum. When the forum sends out emails to our users, it says

MESSAGE FROM ACME FORUM <myemail@mymail.com>

I was wondering if it was just showing me my email, because it was showing up in my email client, or if everyone could see it. When the recipients of the email reply, it goes to my email. And i would like it to stop. However, the second admin i mentioned DOES deal with user replies, so i would like their email to be attached to it instead of mine. However we both want to stay as admins too. Any help??


Admin > Configuration > Find Webmaster Email Address, and change the email address to theirs, and it should then show their email as the FROM and not yours

RL Joneson

Great! Thanks!

The complete path is:
Admin - Configuration - Server Settings - Core Configuration - Webmaster Email Address

case closed.