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Order by Length(code) fix

Started by SleePy, May 09, 2008, 09:59:54 PM

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This package purpose is to provide a work around for the length code bug in mysql.

To get around this issue this mod requires permission to alter tables. It needs these permissions so it can perform addition of a temp column to sort by before dropping it. Most users should have this permission if the mysql user they installed SMF with has not had its rights changed.

This fix is for SMF 1.x only. SMF 2.0 already incorporates a similar fix to this to provide a work around. SMF 1.0 is not supported but you are welcome to try it if you still need to use SMF 1.0.

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Cal O'Shaw


We don't have this problem appearing on our site, but concerned when we eventually upgrade to 2.0.0 (quite happy with 1.1.11 thank you very much).

Our mySQL is v5.0.90.