[Theme] Basic Colours Themes (SMF 1.1 RC 2)

Started by Justyne, March 03, 2006, 03:29:20 PM

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Hi great theme using the mid blue nice... :)
however the Upcoming Calendar events are in a colour that can't be seen how do I change it's colour ?
eg Mother Day is the even that should be on but the dk blue onBlack you cant read it


holy quazamoli!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

brilliantly beautiful!

wow! simply wow!

great work!!

I'm gona wait anxiously for the TP releases!!

Could you please also make buttons for : portal, forum, arcade, gallery and membermap for all of them ?

cos im gona install them all as soon as the tp versions come out :D


I just downloaded and installed the burgandy, how can I change the name in header?

Thank you


Great themes

I have noticed that the modify_inline.gif is not showing....

I check the other zips and nothing in those on that either. Anywhere I can get this image?


Soru Sormadan Once


Çözüme Katkin Yoksa Sorunlardan Bahsetme


These are without doubt the most elegant designs I have seen on the site. Unfortunately the test forum links are now dead. Any possibility of getting the Burgundy test forum up and running Justyne?  I'd love to take a closer look at it.  Can you tell me if it's compatible with RC3? It would be perfect for my forum.





Wow, I never expected anyone would still be using these themes, in fact I had completely forgotten about them. I think they will "just work" with RC3 or if there were changes they were minor.

I will look into repackaging them for SMF RC3

I have also made some new colour variations for my own site, so if I have a free minute I shall package those as well.

Thanks for pointing out the problem with the calendar. It's not a feature I use very often, so it appears I just forgot to check how that would display. Silly me.
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Hi Justyne

Im using your Silver blue design with some minor alterations.
I hope that is ok with you.
I have been running blue designs for a couple of years at my site and yours is the best one so far.
I wish i had the patience and skill to do them as good from scratch .

The forum is here if you want to check it out.

hxxp:bluelight.scorpionshops.com/forum/ [nonactive]

Im curious to se what you come up with next.

Take care.


Amanda G

wow.. i LOVE your themes! I actually go tthem to work too, i am so excited you cant imagine. Is there a way to make the simple machines banner on the top into a banner about your webbie? like i could add my own i make? just woundering, thanks for shareing those, you so rock my socks off!
WANTED: Someone to set up a website with smf forum. Will PAY!

Amanda G

I see some red Xs on a few of the themes (burgundy and deep purple). Can u help me fix it? I have no idea where the code for those Xs are at! lol
WANTED: Someone to set up a website with smf forum. Will PAY!


Hello im using it on my forum but I moved to a new server and it seems that its not working the same, I think some files went missing.

Could you please send me the burgandy theme, your links here dont work any more.



I'm using the burgundy one and everyone loves it (it also matches my new logo! Thanks so much!!)

check it out: www.UltimateRockGods.com



hi .. i want the medium blue theam ... but how do i get it ?


Killer Possum

If you scroll to the bottom of the first post, there are attached downloads in which you can get the medium blue theme.


ok, i have downloaded the theam ( which is amasing !! )

how do i install it ..
and how do i add the buttones from the file  ??? can they not come like the ones like IPB ?? that was great, you download and upload 1 file and it does all the work for you !!!!

any help will be great thanks