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Started by slinouille, June 03, 2008, 04:02:21 AM

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Quote from: Spuds on December 11, 2010, 07:58:06 PM
Quote from: Blade_Runner on December 11, 2010, 11:18:03 AM
Why isn't the latest 1.4 version available on the download page?
If you are referring to the one that I updated, it was released as its own mod, its for SMF 2.0 only .... get it here:

I installed the mod linked above. Great mod!
The download page for this "Attachments In Message" mod is a little misleading.
Latest Version:    1.4
Compatible With:    2.0 RC4


Not work on SMF2.0 RC5.
Do somebody finish codings for RC5?
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I have just installed this mod and it's nice. A few things to note however:

The $txt strings in the language file are labelled  "ila_" while the code in the template is labelled "mod_aim" for each of the strings.
The option for inline thumbnail inserts the full size image, while the option for the full size image inserts the thumbnail. :D
The option for inline text link just inserts the expandable thumbnail.
If I select an option and then decide to just use the default "End-of-post expandable thumbnail", it will add the [End-of-post expandable thumbnail=1] code into the post.
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I see that only version 1.3.0 for 2.0 RC1 is available although ver. 1.4.0 is mentioned in modsite and I know a big SMF forum that uses it with RC4.

What is the reason of removal of 1.4.0 from mod downloads?

I also see that slinouille' s last log is back on Dec. 2010.
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Any way to get this mod to show up with SMF ARTICLES?   The standard attachment box shows up there.



Quote from: Spuds on March 30, 2010, 12:01:10 PM
........It also adds the rendering of the tags in quotes in preview mode and fixes a couple of error log entries that could get thrown.   

Hi Spuds,
excuse me..... can you report here the code to fix the rendering of the tags in quotes in preview? In my forum I can't see image when I reply to a post if this post have image inside...... I see only [attach=1]

Thank You very much!  :)


Has anyone gotten this to work in 2.0.3?


anyone tried to run this mod with the SCEditor4SMF?
i cannot get the inline attachments to work with this editor..
but they worked with the standard editor
I don´t know if this is a bug of this or the other mod.. so i will post there also..


awww... im sorry =)
this seems to be a problem only to the editor when we want to post calendar entrys..
i don´t have a vergin install of SMF.. so i cannot test if this depends on other mods.. calendar relevant mods that are installed in here:
Event Registration Mod for SMF2
Event Reminder Mod for SMF2
Add Date to Calendar Entry Threads

and we use a theme called "IceCube" from Dzinerstudio


Attachments don't entirely work in raw SMF when you're setting up a calendar entry, as per Post.php:

// !!! This won't work if you're posting an event.
if (allowedTo('post_attachment') || allowedTo('post_unapproved_attachments'))

(then follows the rest of the attachment code)


well.. it worked very well before installing the SCEditor..


Yeah, it's not really supposed to work at all. And SCEditor has a lot of strange behaviour in it - both the mod and the version that's actually in 2.1 (they did a *lot* of work integrating it, far more than the mod version does)


any idea how to integrate images like with this mod?
we need images to be not extern.. and it would be nice to align them with text..
so this mod was great, before installing SCEditor.. but we also want SCeditor =)


To be brutally honest as I see it your choices are to get the paid WYSIWYG mod from Nibogo which uses SCEditor or wait for 2.1... I doubt you will ever see the bugs fixed in the free mod. (More than one mod of his was removed from the mod site because it was buggy.)


so the inline attachment mod works with the paid version of sceditor by nibogo?

edit: also on calendar entrys?


I don't know, I never tried it, but Nibogo does actually attempt to fix bugs, and I would imagine it would work with the calendar at least...


Hi, is anyone working on this mode for version 2.0.4 I really want to have images inline in the text (like for posts with some manual, so the image can have the right place) and this looks like it can do what i want and is the only one who can fulfill my wish. (I want there pictures to be an attachment, because a lot of people on my forum will not be able to upload picutures somewhere and then post it)

Or is there another way how can be picture as an attachment posted inline to the text?

Thanks in advance!


any chance this mod will be brought up to date for 2.0.7? I'm trying to install and getting find/replace errors.


Quote from: sathirtythree on February 09, 2014, 07:09:48 PM
any chance this mod will be brought up to date for 2.0.7? I'm trying to install and getting find/replace errors.

Have you looked at the mods parser to see which edits are necessary?


how can i install this mod on smf version 2.0.7 with custom theme.
If this mod is not the actual one for me, can you please refer me to the one that will install flawlessly without edits.
Always thankful