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Enhanced Change Primary Group Behavior

Started by Daniel0, December 06, 2008, 07:41:23 AM

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This modification enhances the way users can change their primary group. The default behavior of SMF is to only allow users to change their primary group if they are a member of a "Free" or "Requestable" group.

This modification changes so users will always be presented with the "Group Membership" option on their profile. If there are no groups they can join then they will simply see a list of the groups they are currently a member of. If, however, they are a member of multiple groups then they will be able to set any of those groups, including "Regular Member", as their primary group insofar the target group is not set to "Invisible", in which case the group is only allowed to be assigned as a secondary group (as per SMF's default definition).


can you make a mod like this one to SMF 1.1.7?


This is merely a minor modification of the existing code in SMF 2 that changes it to how I think it should have worked from the start. SMF 1.1.x doesn't have that so I'm afraid it's not possible to create a "Change group" section without considerably more work.