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Getting Errors From MySQL?

Started by [Unknown], October 30, 2003, 03:16:13 PM

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Here are some common MySQL errors and their solutions:

Got error 28 from table handler
   This means you are out of disk space.  Either ask your host to give you more space, try to remove any backup tables, or remove old posts.  Removing files from your FTP will not affect this error - only database-related data.  It probably needs to be solved by your host.

Got error -1 from table handler
   Typically, this means 28.  It may mean that a different part of the hard drive is out of space, like the temporary partition.  Your host has to fix this error.

Got error 135 from table handler or Can't open file:';something' (errno: 135) or Got error 127 from table handler
   This is caused by an error in the table.  By default, SMF attempts to automatically fix these, but it may not always be able.  To fix this, you will need fix the table, usually with phpMyAdmin (check the table and select REPAIR from the options.)

Lost connection to MySQL server during query or Too many connections
   This is something you should talk to your host about - it means something is wrong with your server(s).

Please remember that these errors are not from SMF, but from MySQL.  We did not write MySQL, nor are we able to fix problems with it - that is either MySQL AB or your hosts responsibility.

It's also important to note that SMF does not officially work with MySQL 4.1.x or 5.0.x.  If you have issues with these, we encourage you to report them so we can look into them - but they may or may not be SMF's fault.