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Started by Oldiesmann, January 20, 2005, 12:55:32 PM

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Just an update for anyone else who may have the same issue I do. I have found a bit of a work around, though it is rather tedious.

I used rss2html (they have a free PHP file that you can download and use to parse rss files into html formatted output, customizable html btw) and made a seperate file on the server to parse EACH forum and subforum on my site (yeah, fifty of them.. gah!), then made one file to use the WoW related ones and another to use the CoH related ones. I used a simple php-include for each file corresponding to the board that I wanted to get the recent posts from, limited to 5 per board. THEN I went into the blocks administration and made a php-block that included the file that consolidated the rss feeds from each category. There must be a better way to do this though. Although it has gotten the information on the front page just how I wanted it to show, the page's load time has increased at least twentyfold. I'm still open to any ideas you guys may have on a more efficient way to get this done.
~~ Kristen


Quote from: Oldiesmann on January 20, 2005, 12:55:32 PM
Some time ago, I posted a thing on how to advertise SMF's RSS feed in certain browsers (see the Tips and Tricks topic for a link to that). However, many people are unaware that SMF even has these features. So, here's a list of available options and what they do...

First, make sure you've enabled RSS output.

Admin -> Edit Features and Options
Check the box next to "Enable XML/RSS News".
The "Maximum post length" value determines how many characters of a post are output in the feeds. The default value (255) is fine for now.

Now, on to the fun stuff.

First off, in 1.1 RC2, under Admin -> Edit Features and Options, there IS NO "ENABLE XML/RSS News" feature. It is completely missing.

So much for the fun stuff.


I just installed SMF 1.0.7 ... took several hours to figure out how to turn on rss and access it:;sa=news [nonactive]  It shows up just fine, but feed2js HATES it.  I've tried every form I've seen in this thread, including the one that was supposed to work through feed2js and it returns the same error: 

Error: No data was found for RSS feed;sa=news;action=.xml;type=rss2.0 [nonactive] or no items are available for this feed. Please verify that the URL works first in your browser.

There is data...   is there some other program I could be using that won't cause this problem or is there something I'm not setting right on feed2js?  It has worked fine in the past for any other feed I've done.


Quote from: mytreo on May 20, 2005, 07:13:45 AM
Here's a little tip for advertising more RSS feeds. This will advertise the feeds from the board you are currently browsing as well as the main forum feeds. (I think Oldiesman will like this ;) ) Seems to work for me...


// If RSS/XML news is enabled, indicate that an RSS feed is available
if (!empty($modSettings['xmlnews_enable'])) {
echo '
<link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="Most Recent Posts" href="', $scripturl, '?type=rss;action=.xml;limit=20" />
<link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="News" href="', $scripturl, '?type=rss;action=.xml;sa=news" />';
// If we're in a board or topic, indicate extra RSS feeds for that board.
if (!empty($context['current_board']))
echo '
<link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="This Board Most Recent Posts" href="', $scripturl, '?type=rss;action=.xml;sa=recent;board=', $context['current_board'], ';limit=20" />
<link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="This Board News" href="', $scripturl, '?type=rss;action=.xml;sa=news;board=', $context['current_board'], '" />';

Great to hear 1.1 has more advanced RSS capabilities, maybe this little touch would be included or even configurable through admin too :)


How do i get this to work, im using 1.1 rc2 .. i enabled xml .. and i also added the code you have above ... but i cannot pick up a rss feed when i plug it into google/ig
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Just for anyone's information, i discovered an RSS bug this week and posted it to the appropriate board.

If anyone has a hack for this, feel free to share.
Otherwise I'll just wait for a revision to come out.




Quote from: Oldiesmann on December 04, 2005, 07:57:16 PM
Not unless your RSS reader supports cookies, and you're logged in to that particular board.
Wow.  Huh.  Okay, I'm crushed.  I'd hoped SMF was more up to the task than I thought it was, but clearly it's not.  Cookies should never be necessary for this sort of thing; requiring them just seems silly.

I'm also disappointed that there's no built-in "make me a feed of this particular member's recent posts"; instead, it's solely board-centric.

As implemented, the RSS feature's not going to fit my board's needs at all.

Anyone have any hints as far as how to hack in the ability to a) accept on-the-URL credentials, and b) allow the most-recent-posts-from-user page to render just like any board feed would?


I wish to modify my RSS feed to show the complete posts instead of truncated ones. However, there is no such option as "Enable XML/RSS News" in my SMF 1.1RC2 control panel under "Features and Options". Please help!


Quote from: iBroodI wish to modify my RSS feed to show the complete posts instead of truncated ones. However, there is no such option as "Enable XML/RSS News" in my SMF 1.1RC2 control panel under "Features and Options". Please help!

you can change the maximum length of the post.
a value of "0" means no limit.

go to admin --> News and newsletters --> settings


you will need to have either "type=rss" or "type=rss2" somewhere in the URL for it to work. If you would like to know how to set this up in Firefox or Thunderbird, let me know. Enjoy!

How ? please describe it

First, make sure you've enabled RSS output.

Admin -> Edit Features and Options
Check the box next to "Enable XML/RSS News".

I can't find this option in admin . where is Edit Features and Options ?

currently output of my rss feed is :
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
I want to change it to
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

how ?
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Is there away to display RSS feeds....from other new topics on a designated forum with SMF?


Hi SMFers!,

Is there a way to create an RSS feed of a single topic?. For example this one that we're reading. Can it be downloaded it as an RSS feed?. I wrote the URL and the XML option at the end but I keep getting the whole forum RSS feed.

Best regards,


Is there a way to get feeds from a specific member only?  For example, i want to feed my recent posts but not others on the main page of the site.  Can that be done?


Hi ppl:

1st of all thank you, oldiesmann, for this excelent post.
From what i see in here, there isn't a option to activate the feeds on the RC2 release.

QuoteAdmin -> Edit Features and Options
Check the box next to "Enable XML/RSS News".

Can someone post a link (url) with the path to enable xml ?
Or tell me what file (and code), i have to edit to accomplish this ?

Thanks in advance.
aka [PT]CableGuy


well, in my features and option in the admin panel, I don't have the option to enable XML/RSS news.

I upgraded the forum from 1.0.5 to 1.1 RC2.

any ideas why I got no such option?



Brunovaz and ivytony,

in 1.1RC2, the exact location to enable xml feeds is in:

main -> news and newsletters -> settings-> Enable XML/RSS news

That should do the trick  ;D


thanks for the help. but how to show the RSS Feed icon beside each forum name on the forum index page?

thanks again


please help me coz i dont understand how to do it

i enabled the xml/rss
i'm uding smf 1.1 rc2

now i want to make a rss news show on a board, can i???