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Post Anonymously In Topic

Started by dougiefresh, March 17, 2016, 01:49:55 PM

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Uploaded v2.10 - October 25th, 2018
o No functionality change.
o Updated documentation to point to new website.

Wow....  Really old bug reports....  ???


Hello @dougiefresh,

I've been trying your mod on my forum and I've got an issue.

So I'm trying to use the "Only Poster can see their anonymous post". Saved thoose settings and then tried to post with a normal user account on a random section. Select "Post Anonymously" and then log into "normaluser2". I can see the post even if "normaluser1" posted a message Anonymously.

Is this comming from my understanding of the option or is there a bug ?

Thank you !


I believe that the meaning is not what you think...

Only Poster can see their anonymous post
means that only the poster can see that THEY are the poster... everyone else sees "Anonymous"

Please do not PM, IM or Email me with support questions.  You will get better and faster responses in the support boards.  Thank you.

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Aaah ok, that would make sens !

Ok thank you for your answer !



So I tried to install this mod on the site, and that gave one error in Sources/load.php. It is unable to find te following:

In load.php is 2 times the required part, but those are not found because it searches for the item with a large amount of spaces infront of it.
mem.warning' . (!empty($modSettings['titlesEnable']) ? ',   mem.usertitle' : '');
mem.karma_bad, mem.member_ip, mem.member_ip2, mem.lngfile, [nonactive]_group, [nonactive]_theme, mem.buddy_list,
mem.pm_ignore_list, [nonactive]_email_notify, [nonactive]_receive_from, mem.time_offset' . (!empty($modSettings['titlesEnable']) ? ', mem.usertitle' : '') . ',
So is that a bug, or do I miss one of the required items in the load.php? My guess is that I can just copy the new code after the 2nd time the required item shows up in load.php, but I'm not sure.

Any ideas?


Uploaded v2.11 - June 20th, 2019
o Added support for SMF 2.1 RC2.
o Removed support for SMF 2.1 Beta 3.
o SMF 2.0: Fixed issue in Sources/Load.php with spacing issue, as reported in previous post.
o SMF 2.0: Added another operation to deal with reported missing operation, as reported in previous post.

@Vordewindt:  I've made a change to the SMF 2.0 portion of the mod, in the hopes that it resolves your bug report.  Let me know if this solves your issue.  Thanks!


This seems like such an obvious problem, so I've tried to search here for an existing solution, but with no luck. It also seems it hasn't been addressed in the source code. Still, my apologies if the issue has been raised and answered before.

The problem is that when people turn on notifications, the poster's identity is revealed in the email - even if I turn off recording of the poster ID. I fixed the issue by modifying Themes/default/languages/EmailTemplates.english.php, replacing "by {POSTERNAME}" with just "by someone".

Aside from the fact that this *always* hides the poster ID in all notifications (not a biggie for us, really), I suppose that the awkward fix means the issue can creep in if I allow other themes or other languages as well? Again, not a biggie for us, I'll just not install any other themes/languages, but you may want to address the issue in a better way.

Stein Haugan


The "proper" solution is to move the code which obfuscate the poster info to take effect before the mail details are assembled

Please do not PM, IM or Email me with support questions.  You will get better and faster responses in the support boards.  Thank you.

"Loki is not evil, although he is certainly not a force for good. Loki is... complicated."

James Gryphon

Although SMF 2.0.X's support for more recent versions of PHP has been fixed or mitigated enough (with SMF patches and others) to make it tolerable for those waiting for SMF 2.1, some mods have been left behind.

Unfortunately, this seems to be one of them. There's three create_function calls in the Subs-PAIT file. I would patch them if I could, but I have to confess I have no clue what's going on with any of them, or how I'd even begin to refactor them:

// Precompile our MySQL decisions into functions in $smcFunc:
$smcFunc['PAIT_id'] = create_function('$tbl = false', '
$tbl = !empty($tbl) ? $tbl . (!strpos($tbl, ".") ? "." : "") : "";
return "' . (empty($user_info['id']) ? '" . $tbl . "id_member' : ($see_mine ? 'IF(" . $tbl . "anonymous ' . ($see_all ? '> 0' : '= ' . ((int) $user_info['id'])) . ', " . $tbl . "anonymous, " . $tbl . "id_member)' : '" . $tbl . "id_member')) . '";

$smcFunc['PAIT_an'] = create_function('$tbl = false', '
$tbl = !empty($tbl) ? $tbl . (!strpos($tbl, ".") ? "." : "") : "";
return "' . (empty($user_info['id']) ? '0' : ($see_mine ? 'IF(" . $tbl . "anonymous ' . ($see_all ? '> 0' : '= ' . ((int) $user_info['id'])) . ', 1, 0)' : '0')) . '";

$smcFunc['PAIT_ts'] = create_function('$tbl = false', '
$tbl = !empty($tbl) ? $tbl . (!strpos($tbl, ".") ? "." : "") : "";
return "' . (empty($user_info['id']) ? '0' : ($see_mine ? 'IF(" . $tbl . "anonymous ' . ($see_all ? '> 0' : '= ' . ((int) $user_info['id'])) . ', 1, 0)' : '0')) . '";

On the server I'm dealing with, I don't have the option of changing the PHP version, and error suppression doesn't seem to work either, so I have to either patch the mod, axe the mod, or continue to let thousands of error messages pile up in the error_log. Doug hasn't been active for a while, and if nobody is around to maintain the mod it'll have to die sooner or later anyway, but I'm curious if there's any way to make it "later".


Please update 2.1.3 and fix subforum and load.php error


As the author hasn't been here in 3 and a half years, that's unlikely to happen.
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