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Every time I manually edit Subs.php or Load.php, avatars disappear.

Started by Soapster, August 15, 2008, 10:27:28 AM

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Whenever I edit a portion - any portion - of Subs.php or Load.php, all the avatars on my forum disappear. The files are still there, but whenever I try to view them through the forum it says 404 - The avatar or attachment cannot be found.

I don't know what it's on about, because I downloaded the files through FTP and they're perfectly fine!

I made a single edit to Load.php adding another argument to loadTemplate() which will just load the template from another URL if I pass it a certain argument. This shouldn't affect the avatars, should this?


Yeah more details.  Specific modifications you are making with sample code of what you are adding/modifying where in each files.

Those are two important and key source files for the forum and modifications can have a global implication.
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