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Started by General_Naga, September 10, 2008, 07:10:02 AM

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I'm having problems with my registration page as the font colour for my theme is the same colour as the background for the "smart" registration fields. As shown below. Is there a way of changing the colour so that people can see what they're typing?

Thanks in advance


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Here you go.

Thanks for answering my plea for help :)


What theme are you using there? You want it to have a matching color with your theme. If you change it to white, you will need to change the text itself to a black color. Otherwise, it will be white on white as the font is set to white now.


I'm using the theme BlackRain

I was looking to change the "smart fields" background to a the same grey as my background. Failing that I want to change the text to black. Eitherway I'm just hoping I can avoid having to change the main colour scheme of the theme.


That field is controlled via this styles, try to alter them.  Also if you use FF and Web Developer you can check these styles yourself.

input, textarea, button {
background : #333;
border : 1px solid #000;
color : #fff;
font-family : verdana, sans-serif;
font-size : 90%;
input, button {
font-size : 90%;
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Cheers Ruumbaar I've now managed to change the top field to the correct colour. However it changes back if I have any errors/warning in that field. I assume that is also why the password field isn't effect by my change because it has a warning on it unless its filled in.


Well you're custom theme might have additional style that affect that area.  You might want to look into the Web Developer feature I suggested so you can try and identify and custom theme specific styles, etc.
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Ok thanks, Ive just installed it and will be having a go at identifying what's happening.


I believe the colors are hard coded into the javascript file.  I don't remember entirely off the top of my head, but take a look there.
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I guessed it might be something like that. Which java file would that be and where?



Find this code ('/Themes/default/scripts/register.js'):
var invalidColor = '#FFF0F0';

You can change the '#FFF0F0' value to change the color. :)
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