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Force Topic Read on Login

Started by Team, August 28, 2008, 05:43:20 PM

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I have a strange case occurring with this Mod'.

I have a Main active forum and a test forum (which is a very recent clone of the main forum), so in effect virtually identical (apart from a few new members).

I can get this to work exactly as desired/intended on the testforum, with a variety of messages/posts including the New 'New member greeting post I made just for this purpose ... YET, when trying to make That message appear on the Main forum, it will NOT work.

I can get it to show other topics, like my forum rules post and the descriptive post about the forum but no matter what I do, it will NOT show this new 'greeting' post on the main forum and Not just for me as Administrator, another member has tried along with myself and new accounts we have made,.. ???

It seriously has me completely baffled,.. as the 2 x sites are to all intents and purposes, Identical !!


Further to my post above, both forums are on the Same Server, running the same software and is ver' 2.1.4 of SMF.


Well, I have at least temporarily, alleviated the issue, by Modifying an older message that was posted when the Forum was moved to it's new home (which had some useful Historical Info' for new members and added part of the Problematical (Non Displayable) Welcome message to that and it is working fine.

Seriously has me Beat, why the Message will Not work on the Main forum though ???

VERY Weird.


For the most part, this seems to be working, (Mainly being used to present New Members with some information to read),... BUT, I  have a few much older members, who seem to keep being presented with the thread, Some virtually EVERY time they log in !!??

Any idea why ?? or what may be causing this ??
Obviously, they HAVE Read the thread,.. multiple times,.. LOL so I'm just wondering what may be causing this and hoping to find a way of stopping it happening for those older members who have seen the desired thread numerous times.

Any ideas or help/suggestions appreciated.