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Only admins can see post


What if you made it so admins can choose to post and have it so only other admins/mods can see it? I think right now you can make a whole topic that mods and admins can only see, what what about in a new thread or reply? Or even in the message you can type [admins]message[/admins] so only admins/mods can see. You could use this for many different things, like if you wanted to tell the admins/mods about some upcoming event but don't want everyone to hear. (I can't think of any good examples  :-\ )

Does anyone like this idea? ???

An "unadvertised" admin tag sounds like a GREAT idea.  I'd definitely use it...have it with a css style so you can specify the posting color and format (size, bold, italic, etc) and that would be incredibly useful I think.


Indeed, I'd use it more than once too, very useful, very good idea! :D

Aaron Nelsen:
Sounds like a sweet idea!

Alexandre P.:
yes, a very good idea ;D


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