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Getting Avatar From Database

Started by Smasher, November 25, 2009, 02:57:00 AM

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in my php file I am using the following database query to define $context['game']['members'] but I can not figure out how I am supposed to pull the avatar in....

$dbresult = $smcFunc['db_query']('', "
id_member, member_name
FROM {db_prefix}members ORDER BY member_name ASC");
$context['game_members'] = array();
while($row = $smcFunc['db_fetch_assoc']($dbresult))
$context['game_members'][] = $row;

When I say the avatar I am specifically talking about an avatar that would normally be accessed by $context['avatar']['image']

Thank you
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You can easily get their avatar by loading up their member data using the loadMemberData function.

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