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Started by Team, April 04, 2008, 01:05:48 PM

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Quote from: Steve on Yesterday at 07:31:02 AMThe first one is there but I can't find anything close to the second one. Hopefully the mod author ( Team) or someone with more coding skills than I will respond.

I'm sorry I wasn't right on the first one. This is the error I get.

Code (Find)
<div class="board_icon"></div>

Code (Replace)
<div class="board_icon"></div>', $context['show_thumbnails'] ? '<div class="lastpost"></div>' : '', '


Either way my comment still holds true on the second:

Quote from: Steve on Yesterday at 07:31:02 AMKeep in mind that massive amounts of code were removed in MessageIndex.template.php for simplicity's sake in the BootBuff theme, including the code the second error is looking for.
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