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Edit the formatting of "Latest Posts/Topics" Module(s)?

Started by ComposerRyan, February 09, 2005, 08:00:23 PM

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I would like to install the "Latest Posts/Topics" modules onto my site...however, the formatting of the modules is not the way I want them.  Therefore, I went into the mod_smf_recentTopics.php file and there was no HTML to edit or anything.

Where do I go to edit the formatting of these modules?  Your help with this would be truly appreciated!

Ryan :)
Special Thanks to: Orstio, Simplemachines forums staff, and everyone who has helped me with any questions I have.


I believe that the latest post module just calls an SSI function.

Copy the function out of SSI.php, into the mod file...  rename it and edit it as you desire.

(this will prevent an upgrade os SSI.php from erasing any changes you make)
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