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Need help about Downgrading

Started by doing007, November 19, 2008, 06:03:33 AM

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I am using SMF 2.0 Beta4 now but the theme is very bad i planning to downgrade SMF 1.1.7 can any one tell how to do it if possiable

if it's not possiable i will install SMF 1.1.7 using my sub domain and later redirect it
but what i want to know is , how to take backup from the SMF 2.0 Beta4 and import into SMF 1.1.7



no one don't know how to solve my problem
is there any talented people to solve my problem


Many database columns have been renamed in 2.0, and there are also some additional columns in some tables that don't exist in 1.1. The only way you can really downgrade is to convert to phpBB3 first and then convert back to SMF 1.1.7. However, you may lose some information doing this.
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