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How to control SPAMMERS and keep trolls from forum?

Started by basstraps, November 16, 2008, 11:15:56 AM

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This is a relatively new forum with only a couple hundred members. I just upgraded to 1.1.7, but noticed immediately that there are suspicious member registrations with run-on number or letter names, etc. Most originate from Russia, Amsterdam and Africa. Is there a concentration of SPAMMERS from these areas?

How can I prevent people from signing up who really only want to SPAM the forum?

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Joe Newbie


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I have noticed a significant increase in user registrations although not in spam posts. The Akismet add on seems to keep the forum  protected from the few that do post spam. I suspect that the main reason for the user registrations is the spam links seen in the website and signature fields when profiles are viewed. Does anyone know of a mod to suppress these fields when viewing a profile of a user that has less than a specified amount of posts?


You would need to modify Profile.template.php to do that, but it should be a fairly simple modification. If you're still interested in doing that, let me know and I'll look further into it.
Michael Eshom
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I actually found that I could make the needed changes by changing the permissions of the post count based membergroups without modifying any code. Unfortunately it has not slowed down the new spammy user accounts.


Jim "JimM" Moore
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