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SMF Arcade Chinese (SMF Arcade 汉化外挂)

Started by Leaf, July 28, 2008, 04:40:38 PM

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This mod installs Simplified Chinese translation for SMF Arcade. You need install SMF Arcade before install this mod.

Please do not redistribute this mod or the combination of this mod and SMF Arcade without permission.
The copyright of SMF Arcade belongs to Niko Pahajoki.

Translation based on: SMF Arcade 2.0.14
Languages supported: Simplified Chinese (GB2312)

这个外挂将安装SMF Arcade的简体中文汉化语言文件, 你需要先安装SMF Arcade.
没有取得授权时, 请不要自行发布这个外挂或者将这个外挂与SMF Arcade合并起来发布.

因为版权问题, 请去这里下载: http://www.anetcity.com/bbs/index.php?board=125.0


Where do you get SMF Arcade?

你在哪里下载 SMF Arcade?


我新做的TCMhxxp:tcm.assist-health-care.com/ [nonactive]