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Integration with simple php script (need help)

Started by gidus, June 04, 2009, 08:37:17 AM

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Hi , everyone , This is my first discussion in the international forum , and if i wrong section i ask sorry for my mistake.
I am trying to use free php script founded in other sites to create a custom php page for registration . I have already use the search function but after read various topics and posts i don' understand very well.
So I started to see the mysql db and I understand the member is in table smf_members , yesterday i try to write an Insert Query like this .

INSERT INTO smf_members (member_name, passwd, email_address) VALUES ('tester','sha1('(strtolower(member_name) .passwd)'),'[email protected]')

The member is added to db but when i try to do login i can't because the password don't match (The problem maybe is in a wrong Encryption...)

So i need help for create Insert with correct Encryption for the password and a correct encryption to for the field date_registered .

I am using SMF 2.0 RC1-1 . Thanks for who read


I can't use that mod because is for 1.1.8 and i am using 2.0 if i can use SSI everywhere and corretly it's would be very easy and problem is solved but i can't


Tried it doesn't work very good , i try a registration and doesn't work .The form is without name for empty field and visual verification is bugged :S


I don't remember which i need to integrate also a news system user write in php (custom no other software) with SMF anyone have a good idea for do it?


I already use SSI function for news in other site , but i want to use a custom system for news using the account registred in smf but so we turn back at the point start.