Admin and Member Pad V2

Started by vbgamer45, November 10, 2010, 10:08:06 PM

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Admin and Member Pad v2
Created by Runic

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2.0 RC3
Admin and Member Pad, brings a notepad style to your forum for admins and members. No need for any other notepad mods!

With the ability to turn the mod on in a specific area.

It also sends a message to the user or admin that a note has been posted.

This mod adds a new table into your db where it saves what is posted in the notepad.

Another great feature of this mod is you can decide who can post and see notes, well of course admins are excluded.

In future releases the plans are to remove all template edits so it will work on any theme,as well as the ambitious plan of adding WYSIWYG editor and bbc code at a later date.

Special thanks goes to hadesflames for helping alot with db stuff and teaching me alot new coding and Arantor for helping with the motivation and giving me the idea to do this mod.  Special thanks to Akyhne for testing v2
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