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Bridge that enables comments on articles

Started by trikos, December 20, 2008, 11:48:58 AM

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I am about to update a site from joomla 1.0.12 and SMF 1.1.7. Currently Joomla and smf is bridged with the discontinued smf bridge.

My question is: is there a bridge for joomla/SMF that, like the old bridge (discuss bot part)), enables the users to comment on the CMS articles through SMF? Or do I have to switch to Mambo?

I like to stick with joomla - and not switch to mambo -  and joomla upgrade to 1.5 and SMF 2.0 when SMF final comes out. I am testing jfusion at the moment and it seems to do the things I like it to, except for adding the comment links to articles and news in the joomla part in such a a way that the responses go into the SMF forum.

My problem with mambo is that it seems to be slowing down on development and the group of admins already know joomla (i know they are similar, but still...).

Suggestions are welcome :)

- trikos

p.s. SMF is for sure staying on the site, so don't give me the phpbb thingy  :D