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Started by Jeff Lewis, February 18, 2005, 11:16:56 AM

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Jeff Lewis

Looking for those that would be interested in a CMS developed by Simple machines, for more see the post on it:
Co-Founder of SMF

Richard North

I would be very interested indeed in using one... although I don't have the php skills to be much more use than a chocolate teapot coding it.

There are several heavy, overbloated CMS out there, and some that are just about adequate for updating a frame in an html page, but what's missing is something as easy to administer as an SMF board, and as easy to update as posting to one!

Those two 'desireable attributes' lead me to think you've got quite a lot of the 'back-office' code already in the SMF board, but it needs to change shape a little to provide a more 'magazine' sort of look in the first instance, maybe with seperate 'modules' to drop in for stuff like syndication, automated 'links to articles' etc?

With that 'plug-in modular' structure, a basic form could get a thorough beating up in the field while other bits were still in development?

Just my half-pennyworth. :)

Jeff Lewis

Quote from: Richard North on February 18, 2005, 04:13:55 PM
Just my half-pennyworth. :)

Just a half cent? Come on, most people offer two cents! With the decent feedback I can't wait to see the other cent and a half ;)  :D
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Richard North

Quote from: Jeff Lewis on February 18, 2005, 04:21:35 PM

Just a half cent?

I'm a married man... times are hard... nuff said?  ;)

Jeff Lewis

Co-Founder of SMF


i would most definitely use it, on several sites

and you men are just asking for trouble from us ladies

meester fox

Aye, I think an SMF CMS would be great.  I'd use it, I think. though I wish it was here now, as I use mambo ATM.

The way I work... if I think it's a good idea, I go with it. Sure, input is nice, but I go with the idea either way.
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well i think this is a verry good idea i would be happy if i can help with this e-mail me on [email protected] if you need help

Alexandre P.

Quote from: supreme-Web on February 20, 2005, 07:03:55 AM
well i think this is a verry good idea i would be happy if i can help with this e-mail me on [email protected] if you need help
You better should PM Jeff about it, then :) It was what he requested in the topic he linked in the first message.

Thanks for offering your help in this project!
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I have been looking for a good cms for a while. I have experimented with just about all of them and can't seem to find the right one. I would just like to give some of my end users the ability to modify a little text and upload a pic now and then in a wysiwyg editor. Most of them are complete novices. If you guys tackled a cms, with what I have seen from you bulletin board, it might be just what I'm looking for.


I echo that  ;) (coding pun intended) I'm looking for the next version of a site I've run for many years and am yet to play with Mambo. If an SMF CMS is possible I may never play with Mambo.

I think a may be called for.


Would be very cool, I really find your database management very clean and stable, also the code you use is easy to play with and suits the webmaster's needs. But take into account: If you a develop a CMS, Mambo and PhpNuke will probably be cancelled as I am sure that they won't be able to battle against SMF!  :)
Eren "forsakenlad" Yaşarkurt
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Of course it'd be nice, but I suspect the extra programming hours would be better spent on keeping the core forum moving forward.  I'd vote for building in SMF official mods, ones that become part of the core such as Articles, Photo Gallery, and user Blogs.  It's sorta moving towards a CMS but fully leveraging and enhancing the forum first.


Well I am all into the CMS thing, Although I would like to see something like it. Not Really a CMS but something totally NEW.

My idea item would be SMF as the 'core' of the software but like mentioned before everything else an addon.  Maybe Redo coppermine, add a news Mod, Blogs, download center, FrontEnd, and other things that will enhance the core.  Most CMS scripts are their OWN core and the forums are addons. 

Let's turn the tables and revolve around the SMF Core as the CMS core.  This would eliminate some of the code needed I would think.  As like mods now, all addons would have to written where they would be able use to themes.  So the gallery would have the same theme as the forum etc. 

This would also allow those that may not use a item not to install it eliminating the extra space and resources for an item that is not used on a site. My dream package would also have all the items incorporated into the install.  Check what addons you would like installed.

Although, I think making the SMF the core would be a fast and practical solution.  Its something new to me at least and would make for a strong forum package.  If you look at most any site now days the Blogs or forums are the main focus of the site. It where you get help on the software, talk to others and read about the theme of the site.

Interaction is key to a non-sales site.  The day of going to a site just to read are over. People want to interact with the hosts, other members, or needs to be able to offer feedback.  So rather than having the main use of the site as a ADDON make it the core of the package.


I was actually planning on writing my own PHP CMS script for use with clients eventually (got the general structure of things in my head).

I've had a look at systems like TYPO3, but the struck me as not very user (especially novice) friendly. So I had in mind a simplified version, that could be easily managed once the layout is setup (using Smarty as the template system, though heck the smf theming engine is much more suited for something like this). WYSIWIG editing could be managed using SPAW, which now along with IE supports Gecko (beta version).

There would certainly be great interest in a CMS system developed here. Though I think it would be a good idea to easily integrate SMF with the CMS software, basing it on SMF would just bloat it. Developing a core package also sounds good, but that means much more work hacking away at the work already done.



I agree with Alisha on her idea about leaving it as the core and add-ons to it. I would love a blog and such that could be added onto my forums and run everything from the forums.

Jeff Lewis

Co-Founder of SMF