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Converting from VB - But no direct access to it???

Started by dferrey, April 02, 2009, 09:39:34 AM

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I've been charged with converting from a VB 3.6 forum to SMF.  I have been able to export the tables with one possible exception, the attachments table which may not have completed successfully due to size (1.2GB)

I can't install the convert tool on the old server, is there anyway to convert the tables I've exported and import into SMF?  I still have super admin access to the other forum if there are steps I need to take on the old forum.

Thanks for any help and guidance you might have.


a conversion is possible, you should import the backup to the new host, then create a folder and emulate the includes/config.php from vBulletin (our converter reads this file, its needed for database access).
then follow this guide:
Converting to SMF