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Chinese characters do not show

Started by E. Dost, July 16, 2008, 04:11:54 AM

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E. Dost

 Chinese characters do not work
« on: Today at 04:05:32 AM »
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I can see the Chinese characters after I uploaded the simplified language pack. But for some reason, when I write the Chinese characters myself, such as a new topic. it just comes out all  ??????. I have read all the previous discussions. None of them seems to target this problem directly.

Thank you very much, and hope to hear from you soon.

Here's a link to the website: hxxp:www.doorryforum.com/forum/index.php [nonactive]



your database character needs to be in utf8

E. Dost


Thank you for your reply. I have read many other forum which talks about utf-8. I have changed it in the smf machine administration. The part that changes html to utf-8. I have also uploaded the chinese language pack; hence you can see the chinese characters designed by the language pack. But when I write the chinese characters, it has question marks. Also my phpMyadministration is:

MySQL charset:  UTF-8 Unicode (utf8)
MySQL connection collation: gb2312_chinese_ci 

Also when I was installing it, I also checked the UTF-8 characters. And as one forum says previously here, I also try to install it by not checking the UTF-8 characters. None of them worked so far.

Where do you think the other problem lies? Please be specific.

Thanks much for your time,

E. Dost



This is driving me crazy.  I've done everything that all the topics suggest I should do, but still Chinese Characters won't show on a post in my forums.  I know that Chinese characters work ok, as I use them on my website (same one the forums are part of) and they work ok on that.  When I create a new thread or post and I do a 'Preview', the characters show up ok - but then when I do 'Post', the characters become question marks again.  I've even had a Chinese person try to post from another computer that is set up using WinXP Chinese and it doesn't work for them.  I'm definitely using UTF-8, I've got the Chinese language pack installed and I've used 'Forum maintenance>Convert html to UTF-8' and still it doesn't work?  PLEASE help.

The site and forums are at hxxp:www.maninthecorner.com [nonactive] and hxxp:www.maninthecorner.com/Forums/index.php [nonactive]