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Started by genieuk, November 08, 2008, 08:09:27 PM

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I would really love to see a mod that allows members to send gifts to other members. Like facebook where people can send gifts to others, with options such as cannot be opened until a certain date.


member get a new button called Gifts, it has it own link something like index.php?action=gifts

they can first choose there gift, things like choccies, flowers, cake, ballon and a ton of other things after that they can then choose from several gift wraps like a nice gift box to wrap it in etc then they enter the members username they want to send gift to and yep you got it they receive there gift and get a PM when it received. Also could possibly add the option where theres a link in members profile that has a page on the gifts the member received and maybe a little gift icon on member post to take other members to the members page where they can view gifts they have received and possibly sent.

I think even thou this would probably be a very big mod it would be a great one.

If this was created other programmers could then if wanted to create extra gifts to add to the main mod.

I know there is the shop mod but not what i am looking for.

Anyone interested in doing something like this  ???


Marcus Forsberg

So those gifts, they're only like icons sent in PM's. You can't use them at all?



the gifts are bascially just pictures, but they need to look 3D like cant just have a flat looking present box. It just a fun virtual way to send gifts like on facebook they cannot be used in anyway you just send a person a gift along with a perosnal message attached to the gift and then it becomes viewable from a link in members profile what gifts they received.


Marcus Forsberg


Did anything happen to this suggesting what Mathew made?