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my phpbb forum has been attacked, need to change to SMF

Started by booklover, March 11, 2009, 10:39:31 PM

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I have a website [nonactive] that had a nice little book lovers forum, on phpbb.  It has recently been attacked with spam, and I really need some advice.  A Twitter friend suggested that I switch to SMF, and I would like to do that, leaving my quality forum members and posts intact, but purging all the spam.  Can you help?

Much thanks!

Renee  (Booklover)


I switched from phpBB 3 in December after I had huge database issues that never got resolved.  Nobody could post messages for a week and that could have killed a message forum!

Get the converter from this thread and you'll be set to go.  Read the instructions well.  It'll help when you pull the trigger.

It works pretty well.  It'll transfer everyone over and all data as well.  You'll still have to kill the posts.  I started with 1.1.7 and upgraded to the 1.1.8 that is there now.  I am running the 2.0 RC1 that is being tested but not released yet.  I live on the edge with the software, but it has been running along fantastic.

I've found that the transition was very painless.  You'll also find that mods are so easy to install as opposed to phpBB's crazy mod system.  It takes minutes to install a theme with SMF versus hours with phpBB, adding all the stuff that I needed and logos and... 

Something to watch for.  After the conversion, for some reason, all users had their e-mail addresses visible.  I had to change every one of them, which did not make me happy.  I think there was a glitch in the install, but that was really it.  There is a mod out there that adds CAPTCHA to 1.1.8.  Get it.  Do the verification system for registering.  It'll save you tons of grief in the spam department.

I'm one happy camper since the switch.  I don't think you'll go wrong doing it!


Conversion is easy and you can try it without risk:
Converting to SMF
If you need help let us know..


SMF has a few anti spam mods that you can also look at depending on what version you install. I would suggest go with RC1 as you will then have to redo everything when you do upgrade to SMF2. So you may as well just go for it from the start and get done with it. So far my RC1 seems to be running very well.

I just had a look at your forum and I see what you mean about the spam you have it bad so if I was you I would do the change over ASAP as spam can kill a forum  :o

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Welcome to SMF booklover.  I see from your link that you haven't completed the conversion.  The link TE posted has some great info about converting to SMF.  Be sure and let us know how it goes.
Jim "JimM" Moore
Former Support Specialist