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[OK] Auto install mods in all available languages

Started by $p00ky, February 04, 2009, 11:32:36 PM

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Hello dear community,

Is there a way to install a mod in all available languages, using the english version as default if a specific translation is not included in the mod?

I mean, so far, I always copy the xxx.english.php into xxx.other_language.php, add this file in the package-info.xml for extracting, and copy language instructions in install.xml.

Is there a way to do it automatically so I don't need to edit manually the mods?

Thanks in advance.

$p00ky @ EroGaKi

Charles Hill

All you need to have is a language file for the fall-back / default language set for your forum (usually english).  If the appropriate language file for a user (french for example) isn't found, then it automatically tries to find the fall-back / default version of the language file.


Mmm, I don't get it.

For example right now, the default language for the forum is French, and there is also Deutsch, Spanish, Italian, and still English.
When I install mods, it only install language files for the english version, so I cannot access to the administration (nor view the effects) on other languages.

Even if the languages are recognized in the "Languages" section in the admin pannel.
$p00ky @ EroGaKi


If mod doesn't support your language you need to copy across the language strings.

IIRC there was also some changes in smf 2.x rc1, that if the language file wasn't present, it loads english instead.

I'm not sure whether that affects single language strings, or just a whole file like Login.english.php


OK, I see, thank you.

So I keep editing necessary files to get mods for all languages...
$p00ky @ EroGaKi

Charles Hill

Ya it only works if you're missing whole language files, not specific $txt variables within language files.