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Looking to bridge or integrate with SMF?

Started by SlammedDime, February 22, 2009, 06:22:22 PM

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How do I bridge or integrate with SMF?
The first step is learning about the integration hooks that SMF has built in.  If you have questions to a specific hook, we have a discussion in progress that may have the answer to your question.  You can also ask questions in our Portals, Bridges, and Integrations board.

Where can I find a bridge between SMF and my software?
Feel free to look on our Bridge download page for our current officially released bridges.

I can't find a bridge with my software on the download page, what do I do?
If you are unable to locate a bridge for your software, it may be possible that we simply don't know about it, or haven't had a chance to create it yet.  You have two options: one is to start digging into the code and create an integration, or you may request a bridge.  Before requesting a bridge, please search first to see if there have been any prior discussions for that piece of software.  A bridge may not be possible due to licensing restrictions or programmatic reasons.

I've heard so much about SMF and Gallery2, yet I don't see a bridge for it on the download page.  Help!?
Never fear, we haven't forgot about you.  Take a look at the integration topic by Oldiesmann.

Are there any tools available to make this integration stuff easier?
Sounds like a great idea.  Recently, andre nickatina has been working on tools to do just that. In case you would like to try his tools, have a look at his New tools to help integrating SMF with something else

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