"Session Verification" Issue solved

Started by fatesjoke03, February 27, 2009, 02:00:08 PM

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Not sure if this is the right place for this but I could not start a new topic on the "Tips and Tricks" board.

I was having an issue with Session Verification that was being noticed by every member that tried to log out of my forum and couldn't. This may be something known by users of SMF or people familiar with coding in general but I am learning and it took me quite some time to figure this little trick out.

I had previously changed the menu tabs in the Sources/Subs.php file to have capital letters instead of lowercase. Well, every thing seemed fine and since I do not log out of my forum I did not notice that it was not recognizing the "Logout" for some reason. It was trying to find "logout" I guess and created the Session Verification problem. I had one member of my forum email and complain and I told her it must be a cookie issue that was not recognizing when she logged out and to check her PC.

Anyway, if you have a "Session Verification" issue and you have recently changed things in the Subs.php, check there. Might save you some time and frustration.