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mambo + smf mod newTopics 1.0a on first page

Started by midiof[f], April 18, 2009, 06:40:09 PM

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I was dont found a similar topic, sry if is exist

i have mambo(4.6.2)+SMF(1.1.8 )+bridge and mod_smf_newTopics1.0a
i need small help i dont know how do i to place an Newtopics(from SMF) on a HOME mambo site

now i have New topics in left table but i need this place as first site(home) on main site
i learning with this CMS and i dont know how i do it , example or manual thx
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pls how to display the recent post on the firstpage (main page only  no left or no right)

or simple example how to display the polls on the firstpage (main page only  no left or no right)
is same mod
i was created a category and section but idont need text i need plugin window in first page pliiis i dont know how i make it :(
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I am not exactly sure what you are asking...   

but I have the recent Topics displaying in the center column spot, by assigning it to a module placement in my center column...    The placement of modules depends on your mambo theme.
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