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Paid Subscriptions for 1.1.8

Started by JoshieDaMan, February 15, 2009, 07:56:20 AM

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I am struggling badly for paid subscriptions for 1.1.8 version of SMF. I know there's one for very earlier versions of SMF and which I did tried it and it did successful installed but the issue was ipn errors. But I don't want that, I want newer and that is good for 1.1.8.



Works on 1.1.8 for me.

Have you setup the ipn correctly in paypal?


It works fairly well on 1.1.8.

The only thing that does not work at all is sending an email to the user confirming his/her subscription (and I suspect the same about the reminder email to renew it).


Well i got a problem with it since its been looping my forum for some freaking reason the upload got screwed


Wheres the mod for 1.1.8 of this?


I got an error after installing it... a code was added to settings.php... didnt tried to remove the code after installation