Need Help With Spam mod

Started by Candace69, June 26, 2011, 01:17:56 PM

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Ok, I am a techie dummy, but we have a small site and are getting hit like crazy with Spammers/Robots, can you help direct me how to a mod, or the best mod to install? Can I install more than one mod for spammers and robots?
I saw this mod, and am in the process of getting a honeypot account....Am I going to have to wait for a project honey pot account to install it?

I also found this one
and then this one by you also...
Should I use all three? only 1 or two?
Am I going to have to make changes to the .php or just install the mod?
I have never done this before, but need to get these spammers under control!
thanks for helping me out!


Ok, I tried to install a Honey Pot but it asks,  Please choose a language for your Honey Pot Script. If you don't know what language your website can support, please consult your web administrator.

How do I know the language?


ok, I tried installing the

And it  came back with Error in Package Installation
At least one error was encountered during a test installation of this package. It is strongly recommended that you do not continue with installation unless you know what you are doing, and have made a backup very recently. This error may be caused by a conflict between the package you're trying to install and another package you have already installed, an error in the package, a package which requires another package that you don't have installed yet, or a package designed for another version of SMF.
It failed on this:
Execute Modification    ./Themes/default/Register.template.php    Test failed

What can I do?


Candace- Have you tried using the questions already built to SMF?

I use honeypot and stop spammer together but I for some reason I was still getting the spammers-
(they were just sitting in the approval que thanks to the above mods)

BUT the questions actually stopped them from registering in the first place.